Pinaki Bhattacharjee

I am a Web Designer

Pinaki Bhattacharjee

A web scientist by the mind and a passionate webdesigner by heart ❤. Fountainhead of PINAKI'S BLOG.
Designed more than 500 blogs and still exploring the depth ☺.

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My Special Skills

I can create nice blog for you may be of any kind in a nice way ☺. I can design, customize websites in blogger, wordpress and many other platforms.

Web Design 99%
Web Development 95%
App Development 70%
Wordpress 100%

Awesome features

Nice featured blogs that can be changed according to wish and are very flexible from designing point of view.

Lovely Design

Nice design made with hours of coding with love and from heart together synthesised to get a wonderful readymade design.

Responsive Design

Nice designs are accompanied with all devices. Changing the device will not fade away all the love and hardwork that I had put on.

Modern design

Designs are modern and are updated with time at regular intervals to cope up with the latest trends.

Easy Customization

Customization is easy to do as all the codes are well structured and prettily organised for easy understanding.

Fast support

Very fast support within 24 hours. Just you have to fill the given below contact form and wait for my further response.

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  • New Year New Updates New Look Fresh Starting #pinakipb2

    First of all happy new year 2019.

    Happy New Year

    In this new year, I am trying to do something special. I am gonna change the design of my website and I have tried a lot to make it more personal as it is my personal blog. There are also many problems with the old design as it took much time to load. So I decided to give my visitors a clean, nice and fast loading blog that is clean and user-friendly. The theme is a responsive and flexible one. It will nicely fit itself according to the variety of devices that now-a-days people use. Which was the major flaw of the old website. So lets say good bye to the old design that looked like :

    And the new one looks like :

    Hope U like the new template than the old ones. B-Bye for now. Over and Out :)
  • Hello World :) !!

    Hello world

    Hello world, this is my first stuff @ this website. After I have almost completely finished my designing and other attributes on this website and had almost fulfilled all my enthusiasm and interest in web designing and learning how the internet works.

    Programming languages

    I had studied in detail about network and communication. During this course of time, I had also learned many of the computer programming languages such as HTML, CSS, C++, Blue Java, SQL, PHP, and lots more to add...

    I always believe in learning in all spheres of life whether good or bad it be.

    Now let's introduce myself :

    Technology Geek

    I am Pinaki Bhattacharjee. A student of class XII Sc. in Kendriya Vidyalaya, India. I had also created a brand named "pinakipb2" which you can find on every social media. So as to connect with me :)
    You can subscribe to my blog for further updates. Stay connected for further cool and interesting kinds of stuff which are coming soon.


    This is a glance from my web design collection and is one from the many projects that I personally own. The development work is still going and nothing is final here. Just pay a look at the fabulous design by me.


    2, WWW 10011 ABC, XYZ



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